Patty Arroyo

Mexican by birth, Costa Rican at heart, Patty developed professionally in the field of business administration. She attended her first Yoga class halfway through the 1990s during one of her business trips: an experience that made a genuine impact on her and motivated her to begin the personal practice of Yoga which, over time, inspired her to change course in her life.

While growing in her knowledge of Yoga, she developed an intense desire to start afresh in life. Consequently, in 2004 she decided to leave the corporate world and train in the teaching of Yoga, with the objective of helping others to achieve an improved quality of life, by helping them to not only eliminate stress but to discover their inner potential, thus affording them access to a fuller life.

She began her training as a Yoga teacher at the Spencer Ellis Institute in California as part of the Holistic Fitness Practitioner program, which included stress management, nutrition, and human development.

In Costa Rica she studied at the prestigious Yogamasthai School and with many other local and international teachers in different modes and aspects of Yoga. Currently she continues making the most of each and every opportunity available to expand on her knowledge.

Along with the discovery of her calling to Yoga teaching, she simultaneously became interested in holistic healing and well-being techniques. This led her to study stress management techniques, Reiki, pranic healing, neural stimulation, to name a few, which she couples with her bioenergetic massage and restorative yoga sessions and her anti-stress program for businesses.

Patty is a firm believer in the power human beings wield as agents of change and she nurtures this power in her students to achieve a much needed radical change in consciousness in this world.

As part of this process she promotes several service projects, bringing Yoga to communities with scarce economic resources and to individuals who are incarcerated or are undergoing rehabilitation from addictions.